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Hexagon teething necklace


We guarantee that our Daisy & Baby silicone baby teething toys will be a welcome addition during the long tough & seemingly never ending months of teething with your baby! These colorful, fashionable necklaces are a great wardrobe accessory and baby teether all in one. Baby safe & a great alternative to giving up wearing jewelry altogether when you become a mum or dad 🙂 🙂
The necklaces will provide soothing gum support whilst your baby is teething & help them to cut through their teeth. Made from assorted bright, pearlised & pastel colours these necklaces are strung onto circa 30″ of soft satin cord in a simple black or contrasting color to the beads or pendant. Each item comes with a quick release breakaway clasp. Made of 100% food grade silicone,  they are BPA-free and safe for baby to chew on or play with. Alternative solutions to being worn as a necklace, it can be attached to a teething pacifier clip too. 
The designs are bright, colorful, visually stimulating & most importantly easy for small hands to hold. Designed to be worn around mums neck they are available for play any time, and will give welcome teething relief throughout the day. Providing baby with teething relief whenever or whenever the pain strikes, in the supermarket / pharmacy queue….You will also always have a distraction with you to help keep baby occupied when out & about!!
Made from a gentle firm silicone, that is soft enough to bite on, and perfect for small hands to hold on to, your little one will enjoy chewing to help ease the pain of those sore gums.The soft silicone compound is comfortable to chew and good for baby’s teeth and gums.
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Pink, Grey, Turquoise


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